Second Chance


“We should have just crossed the line. We knew it on the first day. We could have had all this time. We waste it on a mistake. We get a second chance tonight.” -Digitalism, “Second Chance”

It seems that life moves in cycles. Each time around brings about something new and old, but despite this it always seems to turn out the same. We call it a second chance when in reality it’s just another version of what we’ve been thrown into before without the ability to say no.

Human beings change as they grow older, it’s true, but they go through a cyclical change. With a new career comes an old attitude, with some old friends comes new experiences, and you can’t help but wonder why you’re stuck in this repetitive lifestyle with no way out.

You may be wondering why I’m bringing this up at all. Some of you may even be wondering why I’m typing this post up in the first place, considering my quick exit from the world of WordPress, and one without even a small goodbye. I can answer that very easily: it’s a cycle.

How many of us have taken a hiatus or seven, and come back to write like nothing had changed? How many times has the community been so excited to welcome a veteran member who had come back from a disappearance? I’ve come back numerous times, always to welcoming old friends whom I love beyond comprehension. These worlds we imagine, these fantastic storylines and characters we write: they are all extensions of our inner selves, and it’s hard to leave them behind.

I make no promises that I will have a posting schedule. As much as I love hearing that you enjoy my posts and look forward to the ones following, I write for myself more than anything. I want to be able to enjoy this as much as possible, and I over-extended myself the last time. I had too many blogs, too many responsibilities, too much work, too many assignments. This time I will be writing on my own time, with my own schedule. It will be on my terms.

The reasons for my leaving in the past were always personal, and they conflicted with writing schedules with my groups. To solve this, I am announcing right here that my posts will always be written in what little free time I have. I’m a nineteen year old college student with a job, basically writing fan fiction, and this will not come before any of that.

It’s with a heavy heart that I announce my return so soon after one of our WordPress Greats has decided to depart. We’ll miss you girl.

To those who have been here since day one: Thank you. To those of you who only recently followed, well I hope you’re ready for an adventure.



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