♛ B.

Blair Cornelia Waldorf

Blair Waldorf is the Queen of Constance Billard, and of the Upper East Side. All of Manhattan is under her thumb because she believes it to be. There is nothing on Earth that can stop her from getting what she wants in life, because no one would try and get in her way.

Blair ruled the Upper East Side with her best friend Serena by her side. She has dated, dumped, and been dumped by Nate Archibald, Manhattan’s resident “Golden Boy,” and has a complicated relationship with Chuck Bass, infamously depicted on Gossip Girl as the devil in disguise.

But life sometimes throws you into a whirlwind of chaos and drama, and now Blair has almost nothing. But we know this Queen won’t stay down for long. Somewhere in New York she lays in wait. It’s time to see just what this Manhattan Girl is capable of.

blair signature


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