Contact the Queen


Because who on Earth wouldn’t want to talk to me?

Leave comments on any one of my pages (I’ll try to get back to you my lovely subjects!) Or email me at


For friendly chats (well as friendly as I can be), advice (more like strict guidance), or because you want to know more about me or the girl behind Blair, email the above email. Anything else, be sure to comment.

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11 thoughts on “Contact the Queen

  1. I don’t have any friends that wanna follow me at sql everyone is so annoying all the girls are all already in a clique and I’m stuck where I am…. What do I do??

    1. Well dear, I have much experience in the “I feel like I don’t have friends” area. In m honest opinion, I suggest finding others who feel like you do and, if necessary, start your own “clique.”

      Hope it was helpful.

      Blair Waldorf

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